Core Values

At ROCK, Inc., we seek to maintain high standards of efficiency and effectiveness.  The following core values serve as an internal compass that guides every decision we make, the manner in which we serve as stewards of the donations we receive, and the children and teens that we help to overcome the debilitating effects of poverty. These values dictate how we operate and are the soul of our organization:

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Kindness and caring
  • Spirituality and faith
  • Education and health
  • People  (especially children & teens)
  • Integrity and discipline
  • Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with like-minded organizations

Transparency and accountability:   All donations are acknowledged and disclosed in accurate accounting records.  Donations and expenditures are tracked and monitored by an accountant and other qualified personnel.  We also ensure effective oversight for our partners in the local communities who receive funds from ROCK, Inc.  We make this promise to you: your money will be spent where you tell us to spend it.

Kindness and caring:   Without kindness and caring this world would be a selfish and miserable place.  ROCK, Inc. helps to spread love, hope and joy to underprivileged and at risk children and teens because doing so tempers the harsh realities of their lives and creates new alternatives and new possibilities.

Spirituality and faith:  Inner strength lies at the very center of our spirituality.   It is our spirituality that reaches out to a power higher than ourselves; and through our involvement in an interactive, caring community we find healing for our brokenness.  It is that which fuels our personal and relational growth. It is our faith in God that makes us believe in the impossible and continue to go on even in the midst of excruciating pain, loss and want.

Education and health:  Education is a vehicle out of poverty as well as an indispensable tool to build self esteem and efficacy.  We at ROCK, Inc. maintain strategic partnerships to remove or reduce the risk factors that prevent children and teens from accessing education and advancing academically.  We also value health; healthy eating is a basic necessity to maintain health and well-being.   ROCK, Inc. is committed to helping impoverished children and teens gain access to nutritious food and adequate healthcare.

People – children and teens:  Love for God and love for people is an important mantra for ROCK, Inc.  As such, we value people over programs and systems.  While programs  and systems are important to the success of ROCK’s life work, responding to the cry of a hungry child and the desperation of a teen will always take precedence over the demands of running programs.

Integrity and discipline:  These are integral parts of the character of ROCK, Inc. where our word is our honor and our trademark.  We mean what we say and we say what we mean.  Therefore we take a disciplined approach to whatever we do; discipline is the bridge to our goals and our quest for excellence.

Creating sustainable win-win partnerships with like-minded organizations:  ROCK accomplishes its work by forming strategic partnerships with organizations that are already striving to help children & teens.  Our partners and donors have become our friends and are important stakeholders in our quest to improve lives now and in the future for children and teens.  ROCK values existing partners and are constantly seeking win-win partnerships with like-minded organizations for support of all kinds,  financial support included.