ROCK, Inc. is on a mission to help children and teens overcome various risk factors that blight their potentials and possibilities. The principal volunteers at ROCK, Inc. have a combined fifty years experience working with children and teens within the framework of the church as well as in social service organizations. They have had the support of their local faith communities and continue to maintain strong connections in those communities.

Having established a relationship with Eternal Love Winning Africa (ELWA) and following a visit to Liberia in West Africa, the principal volunteers of ROCK, Inc. felt the call and conviction that it was the right time to launch a non-profit organization that would reach out to the children and teens in the USA, Jamaica and Liberia. The children in Liberia, like their country, are recovering from the devastation of civil wars. Sammy Kamara, the Vice President of ROCK, Inc., was born in Teahplay, Liberia. He was sent with his uncle’s friends to America without the consent or knowledge of his birth parents and was subsequently turned out on the streets of America at the age of 15 by his uncle’s friends.

Sammy was determined to find his way back to his family in Liberia, however, due to the civil wars and other factors, he completely lost contact with his family.  With the help of Nigerian and UN peacekeeping forces, Liberia’s civil wars ended and in 2005, Ms. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became their new president.  Sammy intensified his search for his parents and reached out to Red Cross International without success. Miraculously, late in 2011 he made contact with Moses Nyantee at ELWA radio who helped to reunite him with his people in the village of Teahplay. Sammy’s exhilaration was eclipsed when he arrived in the village and was informed that his beloved mother and father whom he longed to see again had died; his mother in 2004 and his father in 2008. Having met children and teens in Liberia, particularly those in Teahplay and seeing their desperate situation, the decision was made to help them also.

Carol Mills Kamara, President and CEO of ROCK, Inc., is a native of Jamaica. Like Sammy,  Carol loves her country and has worked with children and teens there since she was fifteen years old.   She knows firsthand about the needs of many of the impoverished children and teens in Jamaica.  Her own experience as a child growing up there with a single mother of nine children fuels her passion to give back and to urge others to give to children who go to school without lunch, children whose families struggle or fail to provide basic necessities of life. Carol’s family couldn’t afford health or dental care and so she and her siblings never had access except on the occasions when some was provided via the school.  Children and teens in the rural areas of Jamaica are in even more desperate need for help to improve living and socioeconmic conditions.  Carol is determined to call others to action and give children and teens a hand up out of poverty.

Although the U.S.A. is the most powerful country in North America, and children mostly have ready access to food, education and healthcare, children in many inner-cities are underprivileged and at risk of becoming victims of poverty and violence.  Each year many families worry about how their  children will occupy their time when school is on summer break. ROCK, Inc. has committed to partnership with summer camps to facilitate the participation of inner-city children and teens each year. The first set of campers sponsored by ROCK, Inc. will attend BRYDGES Connect Summer Camp.