About Us

Gunter in Liberia, Peter in the Bronx and Jennifer in Jamaica face the same predicament—their families struggle to provide the basic necessities of life including providing them with an education.  They need the basic necessities of life and they need “childhood”,  love,  stability and belonging. The truth is, poverty robs many children and teens of their promise and possibilities.

ROCK reaches out to children and teens with kindness. We are committed to the mission of “Opening Doors to Education” because we are inspired by their potential and promise and we believe the profound words of the Scriptures as well as the wise words of freed American slave, Frederick Douglas: It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men (and women).”

We believe that children and teens need a “hand up” particularly out of poverty. We at ROCK are determined to do our part along with other organizations that believe the same.  Our intent is to help children and teens in communities in the U.S.A., Jamaica in the Caribbean and Liberia in West Africa.

 You might find it helpful to read our Core Values as well our History.  We also encourage you to connect with us through Facebook and Twitter.